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ANY alterations to P&A's Pressies that results in damage after alterations, WILL NOT get replaced. This includes, filing the nails, clipping the nails, adding or removing nail decor etc.. if you need the nail filed down to fit to your nail better (side walls & cuticle area ONLY) please contact me & I'll do it. Filing (cutting) the nails after I painted them will result in paint chipping sooner or even nails splitting|cracking. I "cap the nail" to seal in the gel polish. Removing that seal will result in shorter wear time before paint chips.

Do you accept returns, exchanges or refunds?
No. Each item is made to order. I do not accept returns|exchanges or refund any purchases made on this website. This includes nails & budget related items. I'm also not responsible for shipping delays, lost packages once out of my care.
Please read the description of each purchased listing that requires customization. I have a 24 hour period for any corrections or missing info that is needed. Once passed 24 hours, I'll process your binder order as following:

Missing binder customization
(vinyl color, font# & envelope categories): this will result in black vinyl, font #1 and blank envelopes according to what's not provided.

Please make sure to include all the required information so I can put out your order in a timely fashion and to your liking.
I made a mistake on my order, how do I reach out for corrections?
Please email me at You can also use the contact form listed on the website. Have your order number ready. If I notice any mistake once order is placed, usually I am one to reach out first. While it's not required, leaving your phone number at checkout does help get in contact with you quicker if there are any issues with your order. I do respond back within 30 min- 1 hour to any emails sent to me.

When will I recieve my order?

Current processing time is 3 days-1 week before shipping. Please keep in mind that each nail set, binder, bank bag is custom made to order. There's 1 person creating each order. Your shipping speed is determined at checkout.

How many nails comes in each set?
10 nails are provided in each set.

What is included in your prep kit and how many do I get with each order?
Prep kits include a cuticle pusher, nail file, alcohol wipes & nail glue.
1 prep kit for every 2 sets of nails in 1 order.
How long does your press ons last?
With proper care and prep, they should last you 1-2 weeks depending on your day to day activity. The nails are reusable with the proper removal and care of your set.
If the pre set sizes doesn’t fit, can I return for a different size?
I DO NOT accept returns. The nails can not be properly sanitized without damaging the nails to allow resale. This is why I insist on either ordering a sizing kit or measure your own nails for a proper fit.
I measured my nails and my custom set doesn’t fit. What could I do?
Incorrect measurements on your behalf is not my responsibility as all sales are final. Ordering a sizing kit is highly recommended for proper fitting. Any errors on my behalf, I could remake the nail (max of 2 nails) in correct size. Please contact me within 24 hours after you receive your order with proper proof of incorrect fitting. 
What if my nails arrives damaged?
Please contact me within 24 hours with proper proper proof of damage. I will replace the damaged nails ONLY.

One of my nails spilt|cracked after first wear, could I get a replacement?
In cases like this, I would replace up to 2 nails. You have 48 hours to contact me after delivery with proof of cracked nails. I will NOT replace any nails beyond this point. Please try on your nails & wear it for a few hours with your daily routine. After doing so, please check for damages right after. I do not know anyone's day to day routine; or the storage location of your Pressies to replace nails 3+ days after delivery.

Do You Ship International?
Yes, I currently ship to Canada & can't wait to get P&A into other countries! If you do not live in Canada & would like to purchase from P&A, reach out to me via email. [email protected]
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